About Park Avenue Confectionery

Homemade Chocolates and Nostalgia Candy

Our shop is a little slice of heaven or so we have been told. Many customers who visit our small shop often say it's like being on vacation at the beach when they come in. People love it when they come in and smell the rich chocolate melting.  They know everything has been made fresh and with love! 

It all started when my husband, Kevin, made chocolate and candy as a child with his grandmother.  Chocolate making became something he loved. 

Later Kevin took classes and started his own business from home while attending college.  It was a great passion of his and it helped him get through college. 

During this time, Kevin met Rebecca and they started dating.  She would help Kevin wrap and create chocolate molds.  They dreamed of opening a store someday. 

They married, started a family and suddenly the opportunity to open a store on Park Avenue, Mechanicville came about.  They wasted no time, and opened the shop in October of 2007.  Raising a family in the chocolate shop has paid off, since the teenagers now help with the shop. 

We are thankful for our small town and small town shop and we do our best to give back to our community. We love to see our customers happy!  A box of chocolates, a caramel apple or wedding favors - You name it we'll dip it! 

Rebecca - Park Avenue Confectionary